InfraStack-Labs helps customers to lower their capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX) by providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) & Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions through OMegha™ proprietary public cloud platform.

OMegha™ cloud provides your business with faster network, higher availability, improved security and 24*7 monitoring of all your resources.

Key strengths of OMegha™ public cloud

Object storage
Self service dashboard
Block storage
Lightning apps

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OMegha™ Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud computing made simple with seamless infrastructure management.

OMegha™ IaaS is a public cloud infrastructure (virtual) providing storage and server resources for all their requirements which can be accessed via a secure dashboard. OMegha™ IaaS services are designed, developed and setup with a customer first policy enabling businesses to roll-out on-demand launching, storage and computing resulting in the creation of their own Clouds infrastructure.

Get the right mix of solution with your favourite flavours and application.

Key highlights

  • Enterprise level hardware
  • E2E management using self service portal
  • Highest ever availabiliy
  • Increased resilience over traditional server technology
  • Considerable reduction in CAPEX
  • 24/7 support

Top reasons for adopting OMegha™ public cloud

  • Dedicated support
  • Faster deployment
  • Enhanced security
  • Hourly billing
  • Powerful infrastructure
  • Scale as per need
  • Powerful responsive dashboard
  • Infinite OS combinations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low latency & high performance
  • Full instance control - even from mobile
  • Lower operating & maintenance cost
  • Reduced staffing challenges
  • Backup and Snapshot availability

Zeus framework of cloud adoption / transformation focus on key 4 parameters.

  • Innovation
  • Budget Optimization
  • Focus on Quality
  • Simulating Growth

OMegha™ Network Functions Virtualization

Designed to consolidate and deliver the networking components needed to support a fully virtualized infrastructure.

OMegha™ NFV enables the design, development and management of networking services in an easier and seamless way.

  • Key OMegha™ NFV features
    • Data center optimization
    • Network access control
    • Virtual core and aggregation
    • Network virtualization
    • Dynamic interconnects
    • Virtual customer edge

  • Traditional network environment

    Drawbacks of traditional environment

    • Manually driven
    • Delayed delivery time in days
    • Fixed contracts
    • Vendor controlled releases
  • OMegha™ environment

    Minute ZERO
    Select service and Request

    Miute FIVE
    Service activation and assurance

    Advantages of OMegha™ NFV

    • Software driven
    • Max delivery time reduced to 5 minutes
    • Dynamic interconnect/changes
    • Plug and play model and DC optimization

OMegha™ Samarth

Bare metal cloud with high performance or high IOPS

Flexibility to customers with access to dedicated hardware resources with powerful features of customization.

Build for customers focusing on big data applications and high workloads with improved latency.

Feature rich OMegha™ dashboard with provision for single click events for most of the functions.

Key features

  • Performance with 100% system capabilities
  • Full control to customization of servers hardware and software
  • Enhanced security
  • Value for money providing directly proportional benefits

  • Secure containers

    Full isolation per container in a multi-tenant environment. Samarth insulate containers and ensure that each container gets its fair share of I/O.
  • Built-in networking

    Built-in networking offers each container one or more network interfaces, so each container has a full IP stack and is a full peer on the network, eliminating port conflicts and making network management easy.
  • Software defined built-in storage

    Samarth leverages ZFS to free container storage from VM host dependencies. ZFS storage virtualization makes secure storage management easy, while maximizing performance. ZFS’ flexible provisioning, copy-on-write, and data integrity checking are an ideal match for containers, while advanced caching techniques make even spinning disks perform as fast as SSDs.
  • Bare metal performance

    By eliminating layers of virtualization and running containers directly on bare metal, applications enjoy the highest possible performance. And, because you are running on OS virtualized containers, you can easily scale your applications and infrastructure up and down.