OFoundry, a cloud based ERP system, is built with the Foundry and Manufacturing Industries requirement in the focus. With its inbuilt capabilities to address the pain-points of manufacturing sector in general, and foundry sector in particular, OFoundry is arguably one of the best in class Cloud ERP for SME industry presently.

As a tool of business, OFoundry enables the software adoption by non-technical shop floor teams with as much ease as by the technically enabled "on the go" Business and Management personnel, wherever in the world they are, with all the critical business information on their fingertips. Though most of ERP software are often slow to adapt, OFoundry ERP, with the benefits of cloud based solution for business, enables a dramatic improvement in business productivity along with a quick adoption due to its very close imitation of the manufacturing business world processes and the shop floor processes, in the software form. OFoundry is THE top notch choice for foundry and manufacturing sector in place of many heavy client-server ERP systems which profess to suit all systems in world.

To be efficient even over low bandwidth modest internet connection, sparing use of the graphics is a thoughtful decision which can be seen across the OFoundry design. However there has been no compromise with the functional requirements and wherever possible the capabilities has been provided in hands of the customer to modify the functional behaviour as per the company requirement for key functionalities.

To lift up the overall efficiency of the adopting customers, the pain points of the Manufacturing sector are specially addressed by incorporating the below functionalities. The high level understanding of the unique features focusing Foundry Industry in the cloud ERP is as below.

Why OFoundry?

Standard Operations

In OFoundry, it is possible to pre-define the standard operation required to carry out a variety manufacturing processes and reuse these predefined operations at a later time when needed. This also help in giving a visibility and standardising the process by way of analysing the various work centres and the resources required to operate these standard operations defined.

Inbuilt Route Card Functionality

This functionality enables the Manufacturing Department personnel (and whoever has relevant access) to create the route card for new assembly by using any existing pre-defined standard operation or defining any operation at run time, if not available. This helps in identifying the status of inventory at each work centre when the assembly moves along the process of manufacturing across various work centres and gives insights into the process flow.

Outside Operations (aka OSP)

OSP, one of the major feature built inherently into OFoundry, is the ability to automatically create work-orders which includes the certain work processes to be done outside the premises of the industry by way of outsourcing them.

Delivery Challan Tracking Process

OFoundry boasts of one the most thoughtfully implemented Deliver Challan tracking process for the items movement intra-company or inter-companies, which is built in considering the various scenarios for the items movement including the OSP process movement.

Operation Level Costing

OFoundry is built with the thought of providing insight into the costing of manufacturing process at Operations level. With this unique feature the costing can be analysed to details of every operation for each item or component being used thus giving us capabilities to draw a fair conclusion about the actual cost of the manufacturing per end-assembly and the cost heavy operations which can further be investigated for rationalisation.

Scrap And Reject Consideration

OFoundry does an outstanding job of identifying the "Scrap" And "Reject" at operation level itself and the corresponding components quantities are held in these particular state at these respective steps, where they are identified. This helps to avoid the needless resources consumption calculation and the thereby giving a more accurate picture of the cost of manufacture per assembly item at the end of Work Order completion.

OFoundry ™ services

OFoundry Packages Induction Electric Cupola
Upto 5000 order lines/month Upto 10000 order lines/month Unlimited order lines/month
FEATURES Route card
Standard Operations
Outside processing
DC Tracking
Operation Level Costing
Scrap & Rejection Handling
DEPLOYMENT Comany Setups
User Setups
Access Control
Data Migration
TRAINING Web training
On-Premise Training
Business Analytics
UTM & Spectro Analyzer Integration
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