Infrastack-Labs consulting services

InfraStack-Labs has a team of experts including Cloud engineers (AWS, GCP, Azure), DevOps engineers, Oracle ACEs, Senior DB consultants having extensive hands-on experience in complex high availability architectures, disaster Recovery environment and more.

Expert end-to-end database consultation

  • New database app

    Our experts work with you hand-in-hand to design and develop optimal database meeting your business requirement which is ready for implementation.

  • Complex features

    Our experts designs daily process and techniques that track all your database transactions to help identify and build an efficient solution.

  • Review & recommendation

    Our in-depth review on your database architecture is one of the key deliverables in our rules of engagement. This includes review on data, schema, data types, configs and so on.

  • Migration

    Migrating from legacy to cloud, or from older to a newer version or performing an upgrade to the system or database, we do the review of it and sign off before implementation.

  • Disaster recovery

    We help in designing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and setting up a dedicated DR site that is scalable and meeting business requirement.

  • Extra head

    Down with the required resources need to run a project? - Our 24/7 available certified experts help you overcome the problem.

  • Performance tuning and scalability planning

    Elimiate the hidden issues affecting your solution as the data quantity grows by establishing the monitoring process and implementing realtime performance metrics.

    Accelerate the performance by investing in process enhancement and optimization techniques without major impact on the database architecture.

Key features

  • Create and maintain databases for development, testing, quality and production
  • Capacity planning & forecasting
  • Disaster recovery architecture
  • Workload Analysis & Performance tuning
  • Database upgrades & Platform migrations
  • Backup and recovery strategy
  • Application Clusters Implementation
  • Data replication
  • DevOps automation
  • Implement security features of Databases

InfraStack-Labs provides IT infrastructure services on the below techstack as managed services and short-term projects implementaions and for long term projects guaranteeing 24X7 operational support.

  • Dedicated DBA Support - 24 * 7
  • Dedicated DBA Support - 12 * 7
  • On-Demand DB Support
  • Training Client DBA