Managed cloud services

Managed cloud services by InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help businesses meet their IT needs. We specializes in providing customized cloud infrastructure and managed hosting solutions for a variety of industries. With its advanced technology, tailored services and customer-oriented approach, the company is rapidly becoming one of the leading providers of managed cloud services globally.

InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd offers several features that make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce their IT costs while staying on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our managed cloud services include data center management, application and software development, integration & migration, system monitoring & maintenance and security solutions. Furthermore, our expert team provides customers with strategic consulting services on key areas such as business continuity planning and disaster recovery to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

managed cloud services

Cloud agnostic

Unlock Unrivaled Cloud Freedom – with InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd

Support services

Transform Your Technology Framework with InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd

Maintenance services

Uncovering the Benefits of Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Service desk

Increase Efficiency with Service Desk Support From InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd


InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd: Securing the Future of Infrastructure

Migration services

 Migrating Servers Just Got Easier With InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd

Key features

  • Create and maintain databases for development, testing, quality and production
  • Capacity planning & forecasting
  • Disaster recovery architecture
  • Workload Analysis & Performance tuning
  • Database upgrades & Platform migrations
  • Backup and recovery strategy
  • Application Clusters Implementation
  • Data Replication
  • DevOps automation
  • Implement security features of Databases
  • Create and maintain databases for development, testing, quality and production
  • Create and maintain databases for development, testing, quality and production

InfraStack-Labs Technologies Private Ltd provides IT infrastructure services on the below techstack as managed services and short-term projects implementaions and for long term projects guaranteeing 24X7 operational support.

  • Dedicated DBA Support – 24 * 7
  • On-Demand DB Support
  • Training Client DBA

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