OMegha™ Products

Turn key private cloud and high performance computing solutions provide at your fingertip with power of cloud.

OMegha™ High Performance Cluster

OMegha™ HPC helps users in resolving complex algorithms, easily manage high intensity of data with its unique platform.

With OMegha™ High Performance Clusters users can achieve the parallel processing that their application demands there by increasing the speed of research and reduce the time to achieve results.

Flexible architecture with OMegha™ gives you freedom to make your own configuration to meet your application demands.

The infrastructure provided helps the customer to be not worried about the regular upgrade and maintenance of the device rather just focus on the application / research.

OMegha™ HPC key features -

  • Compute
  • Orchestration
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Pay as you go

Features that make OMegha™ HPC different from others

  • Easy scaling up your clusters enable you to get quicker & better results
  • Flexible configurations that can be easily tuned to your dynamic requirement
  • OMegha powered enhanced security helps you to define the desired access control
  • Every penny counts. Pay only for what you use at a competitive rate
  • Detailed risk analyses and in-depth predictive customer insights
  • Run jobs at anytime from anywhere
  • Low start up and maintenance cost by automation and optimization
  • Balanced and scalable performance
  • Development acceleration
  • Code modernization
  • Computation and workload management
  • Quick discoveries

Highlevel architecture

OMegha™ Cumulus

Turnkey private cloud appliance.

OMegha™ Cumulus featurs dedicated environment with the power of scalability, agility and efficiency of public cloud with default or custom security that fits the organization needs, which can be hosted at customers own data center or within OMegha™

Achieve performance advantage over public cloud with all the dedicated resources.

Tailor made dedicated configuration available to fit in with application.

Capability to enhance security by isolating network, compute and storage layers.

Experience the agility with on-demand and self service OMegha™ dashboard dedicated for your organization.

Key features

  • Automation for Efficiency
  • Reliability of the Turnkey Cloud
  • Integration of Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Validation of the Optimized Solution
  • Data sovereignty
  • Data center consolidation and extension
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Addressing compliance regulations

Vinayak - The bot

Built with opensource framework and trained with cloud technologies and integrated with a unified logging layer. Vinayak will build the capability to handle L1 technical issues from customer. Bot building framework with Slack integration, SQLLite3 database.

Key components that combine together to make Vinayak.

  • OMegha™ Automation Intelligence

    Framework that brings the platform and intelligent algorithm together.

  • OMegha™ AJNA

    This platform in real time collects, parse, transform, analyse and store various types of log data from the cloud resources.

  • OMegha™ Public Cloud

    public cloud platform which hosts the logging layer platform and the Vinayak the robot.

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Vinayak Resume

Dr. Vinayak

OMegha™ Public Cloud Expert

I am Vinayak from Bangalore, a seasoned technologist with a work experience since Vedic times and have been fortunate enough to be the go-to person in all my previous organisations.

Contact :

+91 1000000000

Email :

Address :

Mount Kailash


Doctorate from - Ved Vyas University, Kalpi

Technical Expertise

Note:- Please ask me for more technologies, Below listed technologies is not the complete list.

Operating Systems

Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Windows


Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Django, Perl, Python, PHP, Node.js, .NET


HTTP, TCP, UDP , UNIX Socket, SNMP, MQTT, Syslog, Scribe


Kinesis, S3, Cloudwatch, ELB, SQS


td, webHDFS


influxDB, MongoDB


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, AWS Redshift

Log Mgmt Tools

ELK, Splunk


CouchDB, Couchbase, HBase, ZeroMQ, Riak


Docker, LXC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GlusterFS, Kafka, DStat, Windows Event Log, Netflow, Postfix, RabbitMQ, AMQP, Zabbix, Ganglia

OMegha™ ERP

OMegha ERP, an OMegha™ cloud based web based business management and Business Process Automation system (BPA).

Omegha ERP is specifically designed for companies in SME and MSME sector. Omegha ERP has a wide range of features suitable for many businesses ranging from distributed businesses in wholesale, distribution to large scale manufacturing. When combined with a 3rd party interactive desktop Point Of Sale system Omegha ERP can also form the hub of a dispersed multi-branch retail management system. With Omegha ERP all the critical business information is always on your fingertips.

Key features